Company Information

The Marine Logistic (ML) Group of Marine Logistics S.A, Export Express International S.A(EEI) and Servicios Tecnicos y Maritimos (STM) was founded in 1997 in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina and we have commercial offices in Europe and U.S.

For 20 years we have been one of the leader logistics companies in the market, offering the best and most varied commercialization of equipment and parts, accessories, lubricants and safety and survival elements for the Naval Industry and in general.

As well as we provide repair service in own facilities and maintenance for life-saving appliances and nautical safety devices for the naval industry.

Part of our services include the acquisition, transportation and delivery of parts in a timely manner to our customers worldwide in the field of naval products.

In addition, our way of work includes the delivery of genuine elements, provided by the original manufacturers with a wide guarantee and conceived under the highest quality standards, ensuring optimum management and delivery of materials in the short term, with competitive prices suitable for each client.

In contact with the world’s leading manufacturers, our Group of Companies, can supply original spare parts, supplies, lubricants, new, used equipment and all elements related to the safety of human life at sea such as fire fighting and equipment for QBN (life jackets, rafts, rescue boats, evacuation ramps, anti-exposure suits, Pyrotechnics, aluminized suits among others), all of them manufactured according to the current international regulations.

As a result, ML Group combines commercial and technical knowledge, becoming one of the leading suppliers in the sectors of Armed Guards, shipyards and naval arsenals worldwide.